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pacific rim 2: charlie day plays the villian
newton geiszler has not become a kaiju but thinks hes a kaiju and starts dressing like this and becomes a general pain in the assimage


Denny Renshaw  | 2007


Denny Renshaw  | 2007

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About two weeks ago, someone asked for this clip to use as their ringtone and I completely forgot! But here it is in audio post form for your reblogging pleasure with download links for your phone:

  • m4r (iphone)
  • mp3 (android/other maybe? idk I have an iphone so you’ll have to figure it out from here, I’m afraid!).


"when we went to the hamptons, darcy and abbi made out"

make me choose:

thewatsondiaries asked: John Thornton or Harry Kennedy?

Peter’s first meeting with the TARDIS (i suppose)

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